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A Special Speedburner thanks to the following people:


                       football coaches Jeff Bailey of El Dorado High and John Barnes of Los Alamitos High, for your recommendation of me to Student Sports Magazine and Nike, which got this whole thing started, I appreciate the kind words.  Thanks Guys! Keith Miller from Student Sports Magazine, who's ear I had in the month leading up to the Nike Speed Showdown...for all your support throughout the process and for answering all of my questions leading up to the event.  Thanks Keith! Andy Bark and John Brock of Student Sports Magazine and Nike SPARQ, for all your support and generosity to me, my athletes, and the Speedburner camps and clinics.  Thanks Guys! Ken Black and Nate Meyer of SPARQ, for your support of Speedburners and assistance is promoting our program. I appreciate all that you do for me.  Thanks Guys! Tony Cichoke of Nike, for your hospitality, professionalism, and support of us on our trip to Nike. You make our job so much easier with you and your support group. Thanks Tony!

... to Rick Foster of Cal Track Reconditioning, for your support of myself and Speedburners.  You've been one of my biggest advocates and I appreciate that.  Also, as the manufacturer of the Speedburner Speed Ladder and the Speedburner Starting Blocks, the two best products of their kind on the market.  Mahalo Rick! Coach John Teerlinck of the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts, for your belief and support of me and the Speedburner principles, and for your hospitality on my trip to Indy. Also to owner Jim Irsay for the great tickets, and special assistant Scott Gorman for the tour of the stadium.  Thanks Guys, and Go Colts! John Scott of JSNitro, for your nutritional guidance for me and my athletes, your products are second to none, and I'm glad to have you as part of the Speedburner team.  Thanks John! Leonard King, high performance basketball director of Queensland, Australia for your generousity on my trip there. I appreciate the hospitality and look forward to the next trip to the land down under. Thanks Leonard! Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers for your very generous donation of autographed sneakers which were auctioned off at our Speedburner camp in The Woodlands, Texas. All proceeds went to benefit cancer fighter Lonna Keeth. An awesome gesture. Thank you Lamar! Scott Kajiya and Raz Inserra of AquaHydrate, for your generous sponsorship of Speedburners Camps and Clinics.  We love your product and appreciate you supporting our program!  Thanks AquaHydrate! Matt Halverson of Body Armor, for your sponsrship of Speedburners keeping our athletes hydrated. A great product that we are proud to endorse! Thanks Matt and Body Armor! Anthony Matagi and Alex Kuang of IM KING clothing in Costa Mesa, Ca. for your generousity extended to all the burner athletes.

Thanks to Anthony , Alex , and the gang at IM KING! Doug Smith of Kool n Fit America for your sponsorship of Speedburners and for participationg in our Speed Camp in Northern California.  Thanks Doug! Travis Farnsworth of Holiday Inn in Boise, Idaho for his sponsorship of Speedburners at his fine hotel everytime we are in town. You and your staff help make our stay a comfortable one. Thank you Travis! Jessie Givens of 2XU Compression Gear, for your generous sponsorship of myself and our Speedburner athletes. We want our athletes in the best gear and 2XU is it!  Thanks Jessie and Jayme! Josh Pacheco of ESPN Radio Hawaii, for allowing me to come on your program to promote the Speedburner Camp on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Mahalo Josh! Kevin Kirk of the Performance Center in the Woodlands, Texas, for your incredible support as Speedburners enters the golf world. I appreciate all you've done.  Thanks Kevin! Danny Arnold of Plex, for putting me to work, bringing me into the athletic world of Texas, and for your great friendship.

Thanks Danny! Frankie Mazzapica, for your tireless work in promoting the Speedburner camp in The Woodlands, Texas for the benefit of our dear friend Lonna Keeth. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated.  Thanks Pastor Frankie! Ed Suggs of the Cleveland Browns, for your hospitality and assistance when I'm in Cleveland, and your continued support of SpeedburnersThanks Ed! Rich Miano, University of Hawaii football coach, Hawaii Speed and Quickness Director and good friend...for allowing me access to you and the university. I appreciate what you do for me and admire the way you treat every kid you coach.  Mahalo Rich! UC San Diego Soccer/Track Athlete Kathy Sepulveda, for your time and effort in helping me coach.  I appreciate your patience with the junior burners and I know they not only learn, but also have fun being coached by you.  Thanks Kathy! Reggie Torres, Head Football Coach at Kahuku High School,

for your hospitality when I'm on the island.  I appreciate your family and staff's generosity towards me.   Mahalo Reggie! Mario Higareda of Powerade, for your generous donation of Powerade to our camp in El Segundo for the South Bay Flag Football League. We appreciate your generosity and continued sponsorship of Speedburners.  Thanks Mario and Powerade! Rick Nakashima of Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii for your sponsorship of Speedburners.  We look forward to eating at your fine restaurant everytime we are on the island!  Mahalo Rick! Dave Fleming of B.O.A. athletic clothing, for the Speedburner wear for our athletes.  Thanks Dave! Colorado State Football Player Benny Mastropaolo, one of the original Speedburners, for demonstrating in our first training tape and for representing us so well.  Thanks Benny! Asai Gilman and Eli Kapu of Education First in Hawaii for your sponsorship in bringing the Speedburner program to the youth, high school and college athletes on the island.  We appreciate all that your program offers it's athletes.   Mahalo Asai and Eli! Torrey Trust, of Trusty Productions,  for producing and editing our speed ladder dvd program.  You did an excellent job and actually made us look like we knew what we were doing.

Thanks Torrey! John Davis, Director of Davis Speed and Strength, another one of my biggest supporters, for adopting the Speedburner philosophy in the teaching of your group of future burners, and for your help in coordinating and running the first ever Speedburner Speed Camp.  Thanks John! Eric Zeker of Eric Zeker Printing for printing the Speedburner t-shirts, speed camp shirts and ladder bags, often on only a couple of days notice.  Mahalo Zeke! cousin Joe Hagedorn of Visual Results in Kailua, Hawaii, for setting up this website for me...and for putting up with all my stupid questions throughout the process. The site continues to be run with your assistance.  Mahalo Joe! Joe Isernia of Holiday Inn Select in Strongsville, Ohio, for your hospitality in putting the Speedburner staff up in your fine hotel.  We appreciate your sponsorship and you and your staff definitely make our stays there memorable ones.  Thanks Joe! Gary Gramling of Sports Illustrated for Kids Magazine, for your great work on the Nike Sparq, LB Poly series. And also for adopting the Speedburner way to train!  Thanks Gary! Lou Ponsi of the Orange County Register, for the great article and support of Speedburners, and for being a good sport in allowing us to teach you the program.  Thanks Lou! Olivia Park of Enterprise Rent A Car, for your assistance in transportation for our athletes, and also for taking care of my transportation needs when I travel.  Thanks Rachel!

...and to all the athletes involved, Speedburners wouldn't exist without you. You guys and girls are the reason it's here. Thanks for your effort on the track, we know it's not easy.   Train Fast!!


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