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Most of our speed camps and clinics will be conducted during the summertime, holidays and weekends to take advantage of the athlete's more flexible schedules. As far as teams go, we will travel to your schools and practice facilities to speed train your teams in order to help offset any scheduling and transportation problems that may arise with bigger groups.  Contact us for team training.






Often asked questions about our Speed Camps:

Many cities inquire but we travel only if it’s feasible from a numbers standpoint.  Basically we will travel to your city on a requirement of 100 speed participants.  Both male and female athletes of all sporting backgrounds.  We require the age groups to start at 10 years old.  The reason for that is the muscle movement and control that is required to allow the athlete to understand his or her body in relationship to how it operates.  We teach the fundamentals and mechanics of running.  We feel this is the most significant aspect of speed.  We conduct a two day camp for that purpose.  The first day consists of movement patterns at a rhythmic pace.  Day two is when we turn the volume up and show the athletes what it feels like to train for speed.

If you are looking for a conditioning camp, then we aren’t the place for you.  We teach speed in it’s purest form. The athletes come away with a true understanding of how their body operates and how to train properly for speed.  We take pride in educating our athletes. If that is what you’re searching for then welcome and we hope to see you in your city in the near future.   Any further questions can be directed to Rick Hagedorn on the “contact us” page on the Speedburner website.



















                  TRAIN FAST!!


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