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The Speedburner Philosophy of Speed Training:

The Speedburner philosophy is based on two simple concepts: No. 1, that without proper sprint mechanics and fundamentals, speed cannot be achieved in an efficient manner. No. 2, it is impossible to develop speed by running slow. There are many components involved in the development of speed, but here at Speedburners we firmly believe that first and foremost, one cannot get fast without being taught the proper way to run. Once the proper mechanics are achieved, an athlete must train fast.  We start by evaluating the athlete on an individual basis and structure their progression based on the evaluation process.

We take the athlete through a series of drills, never pushing the progression.  We educate the athletes on the force applications and make them understand their bodies in regards to the "hows" and "whys" of what they are being taught.  It is very important that the athletes understand their training regimen and an athlete will never be allowed to run at his or her full speed until we are satisfied from a fundamental and technical aspect that they are ready to move on.

As the athlete progresses we add more intensity to the workout...and more speed.  At this point we are training at a high level of speed and teaching the method of working fast to be fast; one must train fast if one wants to be fast.  To create speed in fundamentally sound athletes, we push the intensity and speed up in order to condition the neuropathways to recognize the way we want the muscle fiber to behave.

Here at Speedburners we emphasize both the fundamental movement and the total development of the fast twitch muscle fibers necessary when teaching speed enhancement.  We believe everyone can become faster with the proper training.  Speedburners only accepts athletes that are prepared to work in an intense, fast environment.  Do you have what it takes?  Become a part of the Speedburner family and watch yourself become faster than you ever thought possible. Remember to always TRAIN FAST!


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