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Speedburners is pleased to announce that John Scott, one of the leading performance nutritionists in the country, has joined the Speedburner team.  John is the owner and founder of John Scott's Nitro, a nutrition company dedicated to building the superior athlete.

"I am excited to add John Scott to our team here at Speedburners.  We continually strive to bring the best to our athletes, and we have accomplished that in our teaming with JSNitro.  We believe our speed program is second to none, and with JSNitro, we have added the very best nutrition specialists in our quest to produce the ultimate speed athletes."

- Rick Hagedorn, Speedburners


John Scott's Nitro

"We are thrilled to be a part of the Speedburners team of performance specialists.   There are three key components to any athlete's success:  training, nutrition, and recovery.  Peak performance is derived from how well these components are managed as one integrated system.  With Team Speedburners, every athlete can receive world class coaching in a total performance package."

- John Scott, Founder & CEO


JSNitro Vision

Our dream is to build a new breed of champion by providing athletes with the ultimate in performance nutrition and supplementation.  At John Scott's Nitro we firmly believe optimal nutrition is a key component  of an athlete's success, yet for many, it is also the most elusive.  With JSNitro, athletes or anyone can easily unlock their true potential and achieve their weight loss, muscle growth, fitness and performance goals.


JSNitro is a company built by athletes for athletes.  Each of us is a lifelong athlete and our committment to quality is deeply personal because we are consumers too.  We demand the purest, most effective ingredients for the products that we use.  As a result, all of our products meets or exceeds FDA requirements and all of the Daily Value percentages are listed at elemental weight.


About Team JSNitro

John Scott, Founder & CEO

John Scott is a lifetime, drug free athlete, trainer and performance nutritionist with nearly 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. The large variety of sports he has been involved in and his vast knowledge of nutrition and human performance has given him a unique perspective on the supplement industry.  He uses this unique knowledge, passion and experience to help athletes of all kinds push their athletic potential to the next level.

Years ago, John realized the nutritional needs of the athletic warrior exceed what most supplements can deliver.  As a result, he developed the John Scott's Nitro sports supplement line to help athletes "TRAIN HARDER", push their limits, realize their true potential and perform at their best.  He created the ultimate supplements for ultimate athletes.  To prove the effectiveness of these formulas, he battle tested them with the toughest and most intense athletes on the planet with incredible success.

Now, the secret weapon of the hardest training athletes on the planet is available to you.  The latest scientific in human nutrition, performance and raw materials are constantly monitored by the company to keep their nutritional tools on the leading edge of health and nutrition science.

" The results of optimal nutrition and supplementation are undeniable.  I developed Nitro products to give athletes the nutritional edge they're looking for, thus helping to create a new generation of champions.  I continually strive to provide people with the most powerful and easy to use nutritional tools possible.  With these, anyone can unlock their true potential and achieve their fitness and performance goals.  I know what an athlete needs because I am one."


Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)

Sports Performance Specialist  (SPN)

Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

Certified Personal Trainer

Author of numerous articles on Nutrition and Training

Nutritional consultant to Collegiate teams, Amateur & Pro Athletes

Regular guest as Nutritional expert on TV, Radio & Web

Athletic Achievement (Lifetime, Drug-Free)

2006 Gaelic Football National Championship Team

2005 Highland Games Competitor

2000 Arizona Jiu Jitsu Challenge Champion

1997 NASA American Record Holder in Deadlift

1997 Arizona Powerlifting Champion (Drug-Free)

1994 New Jersey Powerlifting Champion (Drug-Free)

1992 Mr. California "Natural" Bodybuilding Champion

Pro Muay Thai boxing trainer

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and NHB/MMA Instructor









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