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Professional Football Combine Training



    Speedburners Pro Football Combine Prep Training


The Speedburner Philosophy has always been to train fast. In order to get fast, one must train fast.

Our training is general in nature, yet specific to the strengths and/or weaknesses of the individual athlete. In prepping for the combine tests, it is important first to assess the athlete's ability to fundamentally run.  As simplistic as that sounds, speed cannot be achieved until the proper technique is established.  Training with bad habits or poor technique will compound the technical problems and could actually cause the athlete to test worse.  We follow a plan of progression that is based on the athlete's ability to adapt.  We will teach the athlete to run properly and to understand specifically what we are asking the body to do in relation to the movements required in each test.

It is important to understand that the body will respond in the manner that it trains. We will walk through each movement, gradually increasing the intensity so that the body can adapt without injury. The specific tests will be drilled and taught so that muscle memory is created and test day becomes just another day of training. No pressure. As Hall of Fame Football Coach Chuck Noll once said, "Pressure is something you feel only when you don't know what you're doing."

Your training will consist mostly of SPEED!

Once rhythm and technique are established, we turn up the volume. Our job is to build speed in you and that is precisely what we will do. We have never had an athlete of any age not accomplish the goal of increasing their speed. Our goal is to make Pro Day and Combine Day a fun day. Just like a football game, you will train hard in preparation to have fun on game day. And it's only fun when the training pays off. Our program is proven and tested, but it is difficult. You are at this level for a reason. You now have to get better and faster to move on. We can help take you there but understand that:



                     DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?



"The Speedburner Professional Training Team  has been hand picked by myself.  I have strong working relationships and close friendships with everyone here and I am convinced we have the absolute best staff to assist you in achieving your goals. My number one requirement is that the people surrounding me care about you the athlete first and foremost. You will make lifelong friendships with the people here. We know what's at stake, and we WILL have you ready."

Rick Hagedorn






Speed and Combine Test Training:  Rick Hagedorn


Nutrition: John Scott - JSNitro


Medical Staff: 

Dr. Robert Wilkinson and Clinic Director Andy Shore


Housing: Days Inn Fullerton, Ca.


Transportation:  Enterprise Rent a Car, Fullerton, Ca.



Meal Provider:  Sunfare







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